Social sustainability and ethics

Every organization, public or private, is made up of people, men and women, is based on their work and on their commitment and among its objectives can not neglect the respect for the values of the local community that, today more than ever, is a "global" community in which the distances are cleared by the modern communication technologies and by a total market that brings together customers and suppliers on an world wide scale. In this context, the assessment of social impacts of the business must be carried out through highly qualified expertise as our, in order to early identify risks and to apply a Corporate Social Responsibility with a managerial approach in order not only to comply with legal requirements but also to meet ever more careful and stringent market demands and increased consumer awareness.


  • Risk Analysis (UNI 31000, ISO 22301, Dlgs.231/01)
  • Design and implementation of the Organizational Model Dlgs. 231/01 compliant
  • Training and qualification of staff
  • Implementing systems for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Support for certification according to the standards: SA 8000, ISO 26000
  • Mystery Audit programs on the branches/dealers network

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Energy Risk Management

“Energy Management: rischi ed opportunità” - Workshop gratuito L’evento si tiene il giorno 9 Maggio...

08/04/2019 Ultime Notizie

Nuovo Decreto F-Gas

Il 9 gennaio 2019 è stato pubblicato nella Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica il nuovo decreto nazi...

27/02/2019 Legislazione

Made Green in Italy: la nuova certificazione di sostenibilità del prodotto.

Made Green in Italy: la nuova certificazione di sostenibilità del prodotto. Con il DM 21 Marzo 2018 ...

11/02/2019 Ultime Notizie

Circolare MISE su ISO 50001

I nuovi chiarimenti del MISE in materia di diagnosi energetiche e certificazione ISO 50001, pubblica...

09/01/2019 Norme tecniche

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    Fabrizio Paletta Bridgestone TCE
  • Han dimostrato, ogni volta che c'è stato bisogno di loro, di essere pronti, orientati agli obiettivi dell'Azienda, sia per quanto riguarda gli ambiti della formazione dei dipendenti, sia per quanto riguarda la…
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