Health, safety and industrial hygiene

A healthy company is a more productive company. Who were able to catch the meaning of this statement have been able to get much more benefit from our services because, in addition to implement tools and management models that ensure minimization of risks not only for workers but for all the involved stakeholders, were able to identify organizational and technological solutions that, reducing long term risk of work accident or occupational disease, have also resulted in the same time optimizing the processes , activities, tasks and eliminate low added-value or unproductive operations. The involvement and awareness of workers help to create a more solid organization even before most supportive and really protect the entrepreneur against damage arising from penalties, absences from work due to occupational accidents and diseases by increasing the level of staff participation and motivation.
Therefore, an accurate and complete risk assessment is the basis for forwarding corrective and improving action plans according to priorities consistent with the policies and strategies of the organization.


  • Risk assessments (Dlgs. 81/08, BS OHSAS 18002, BBS)
  • Legal compliance assessment and technical-legal support (Dlgs. 81/08)
  • Assistance for obtaining certification according to the standards: BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 39001, ISO 22000
  • Internal and suppliers safety audits
  • Training and qualification of staff in accordance with Italian State-Regions Agreement
  • Company H&S Prevention and Protection Role and Structure Road Traffic Safety Management (ISO 39001)
  • Instrumental technical and environmental surveys

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Dicono di Noi

  • Grazie mille per i commenti rilasciati nell’ultimo audit interno, non ti nascondo che la dialettica che si crea con Voi è sempre la parte più stimolante della gestione dei sistemi... continuate così!
    Fabrizio Paletta Bridgestone TCE
  • Grazie mille del supporto che ci state dando, il livello di collaborazione/competenza è, come sempre, estremamente elevato!
    Fabrizio Paletta Bridgestone TCE
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