Company Profile

OIKOS AREA is a coordinated network of professionals providing services:

  • Organizational and technical consulting
  • Compliance audits
  • Analysis, evaluation and risk management
  • Support for Third Party Certification
  • Technical and Managerial Training
  • Assistance in technical-legal matters
  • Process analysis, mapping and design
  • Mystery audits and market positioning
  • Business planning and start-up coaching


Sustainable Added Value

OIKOS AREA is a partner of Organizations in business analysis and management, resource optimization, processes improvement and certification.
Working with its partner, employees and customers according to a philosophy of sustainability:

  • Care and attention to human factor
  • Protection of assets and of the environment
  • Customer risk analysis and see-through sharing
  • Troubleshooting and simplifying the context
  • Mentoring and knowledge transfer
  • No frills operations


  • 1995

    Oikos Servizi S.r.l., a consultancy, training and research company is born.

  • 1998

    New partners join the company, services are reorganized.

  • 2004

    Specific Skill areas gorw, one oriented to Public Admin. one to private sector.

  • 2007

    Operating Dept. of OIKOS Servizi dedicated to Management Systems and Certification.

  • Oggi

    OIKOS Area, a global partner that provides consultancy services in an enhanced formula, integrating a solid know-how with an innovative and efficient technology of delivery


Proroga del termine per la comunicazione dei risparmi di energia

A causa dell’emergenza epidemiologica COVID-19, il termine per l’adempimento dell’obbligo della comu...

28/03/2020 Legislazione

MIT: Linee guida sulla sicurezza nel trasporto e nella logistica

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23/03/2020 Legislazione

Noi ci siamo!

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23/03/2020 Ultime Notizie

Covid-19 Protocollo per la sicurezza nei cantieri

Covid-19 Protocollo Sicurezza nei Cantieri Edili

20/03/2020 Legislazione


A network of professionals in step with the times.



Bologna, Italy

Roma, Italy
Torino, Italy
Piacenza, Italy